Vyvanse vs Adderall

It can be an ungrateful thing to do if you are going to compare Vyvanse vs Adderall. Basically these two drugs pretend to be “twins” because they have the same “parent” – Shire Pharmaceuticals – and the identical mechanism of work as well as the equal dosage recommendations. It seems that the only difference is that Vyvanse has been released few years after Adderall and was claimed to be its safer version. However, if one takes a closer look he will notice few key differences making Vyvanse and Adderall various preparations in the class of anti-ADHD stimulants.

Compare Vyvanse vs Adderall: the obvious differences

Vyvanse and Adderall are both amphetamine-like preparations. But Vyvanse is based only on d-amphetamine and Adderall generic is a derivative of both d- and l-amphetamines. The mixture of amphetamine salts definitely makes Adderall more powerful in such way simultaneously letting it faster cope with symptoms of ADHD than Vyvanse and making its side effects more frequent.

Different ways of release

Vyvanse is few times smoother because it is released via digestion while Adderall generic is withdrawn by the bead technology. These opposite ways of release make Vyvanse XR pills more long-lasting than cheap Adderall bars. It doesn’t matter what you eat when you take Vyvanse while on the effectiveness of Adderall XR pills may negatively impact orange juice.

Such Vyvanse form of release also makes it more accessible for snorting or injecting. Adderall snorting is not recommended because in such way you will definitely turn high.

Benefits of applying Adderall over Vyvanse

Adderall is more efficacious in overcoming hyperactivity and restlessness. It is also a better concentration enhancer than Vyvanse and should be used by those patients who were already trying other than Adderall/Vyvanse preparations for treating ADHD;

Despite the immediate onset of Adderall it is considered more flexible when there is a need to adjust the daily dosage due to certain contradictions.

Pros of taking Vyvanse over Adderall

Vyvanse is better fitting for those people who have never used any ADHD preparations prior. Vyvanse is capable to work as a long-term medicine in a quite effective way;

Vyvanse half-life is longer than Adderall half-life (14 hours vs 10 hours);

Since Vyvanse is related to pure d-amphetamine based drugs it is believed to cause less side effects than Adderall.