Levitra Headache

Extensive clinical studies and trials have shown that, among other side effects that have been reported when using the drug, headaches can occur. If you do suffer from headaches on a consistent basis when taking the drug, then consult with your doctor at the earliest opportunity. What follows is some information on headaches and Generic Levitra that you may find useful when trying to understand the problem.

To understand the nature of this particular side effect, one must be aware that during clinical trials, a number of people are given a drug, while another section of people are given a placebo, or fake drug. Then studies are carried out. Such trials involve thousands of people, this allows for a high degree of accuracy when speculations and findings begin to surface. In such clinical trials, which all drugs go through, side effects are always noted. The trials allow researchers to notice which side effects are occurring. For those side effects that take place in more than one per cent of the trial population, they are considered to be common among users of a drug. When a side effect is noted in less than one per cent of the trial population, this is considered to be a rare side effect.

When trials of Generic Levitra took place, headaches were reported in 15 per cent of the trial population. There was also a considerable incidence of headaches among the placebo population too. The trials did not distinguish between the various types of headaches that people can suffer. There was no information regarding this matter.

However, what was interesting upon reflection is that many of the men who had headaches after taking Generic Levitra reported stronger headaches, or a higher occurrence of headaches, as the dosage became stronger. This indicated that higher dosages of Generic Levitra would lead to more incidences of headaches. This was a significant finding, and puts any discussion of headaches and Generic Levitra into perspective.

Many factors can induce headaches. While Generic Levitra may be one of them, your doctor cannot actually say before he prescribes the drug that you will suffer from the condition. The only thing you can do is take the drug, and if you begin to suffer from headaches, tell your doctor immediately. This way headaches, if necessary, can be treated quickly and easily by the doctor. If you let headaches linger, there is a good chance that they will get worse. Your doctor can give you recommendations for treatment of headaches, based on any symptoms you may be exhibiting, how regularly they occur, and your individual needs.

If, on the other hand, your doctor believes that your headaches are exclusively related to the use of Generic Levitra, then they may well suggest one of two things. They may say that you should lower your dosage of the drug. In more extreme cases, they may suggest that you change your erectile dysfunction treatment altogether or at least take a break from it.

The treatment of headaches can be different for everyone. Individual differences have a large part to play, and simple over the counter medication may well be ineffective for your particular headache. This is why it is a good idea to see a doctor. The most common symptom of a headache is strong head pain. This, after a while, can become unbearable. Other symptoms that can occur, but are by no means a given, are sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and even loss of consciousness. Some words used to describe the head pain that accompanies a headache are throbbing, dull and sharp. The severity varies among sufferers too.

Headaches are also differentiated among sufferers in other ways. For example, the time they start to the time they peak can be different from one person to the next. The overall duration of a headache can also be vastly different from one sufferer to the next. Headaches can occur with Generic Levitra use. However, they are only a temporary symptom and the best thing you can do, of you are worried, and traditional methods of treatment have proven unviable, is go to see your doctor. They will take into account your needs and circumstances and provide you with a treatment plan.